This is Goodness, but not goodbye.

After 3 (and a bit) years of running Goodness as an independent creative agency, we are all incredibly excited to announce that we are becoming part of the Edge family.

Jordan Stokes
4 min readJul 5, 2022


In 2019, after using the Goodness moniker as a vehicle for side projects for nearly 10 years; we decided to set it up as a proper agency.
You can find out how we started out on our journey here.

Goodness has actually been operating solely in Australia with me and the team for a while now, with Kev shifting focus to set up Webflow studio Onions in Lisbon last year. So the past 3 years have worked out a bit differently than we anticipated when we set up.

Regardless of the operation, the aim with Goodness has always been to create work that has an impact and was for good causes. Something ‘meaningful’ if that word hasn’t already been completely ruined in the context of creative agencies.

Belief in the power of creativity to have a positive impact has been our purpose from the get-go.

As anyone running an agency that strives to do this kind of work will tell you, the struggle between paying peoples wages and the mission you set out on is the hardest to balance.

I’ve constantly described our work load as between 60–80% goodness, with the other 40–20% being ‘not so greatness’ which afforded us the luxury of the goodness.

I’ve always felt a little bit disappointed with that if I’m really honest.

Any amount of disappointment is easily swept aside by the overwhelming sense of pride and positivity I feel for Goodness and all that we’ve built here; I have eaten, slept and breathed Goodness for well over the short time it’s been an actual business, growing it from just myself to a team of 5 which I am honoured to be a part of. We’ve done some brilliant work that we are all incredibly proud of and we come to work each day happy and ready to do good things for good people.

But we’re now looking to what’s next.

On 19 August 2020, I was introduced to Ash Gay, the head of Sustainability Leadership & Transformation at Edge Environment; Australia’s leading independent sustainability consultancy.

It was a really informal creds presentation and it went well (I reckon). But I was blown away by hearing about all the amazing work this business was doing and the plans that Ash was starting to make for its future.

A future with creativity at its heart.

Very soon we began working on some projects together, with Goodness adding creative support to the Edge team. Starting small from a creative standing, but on projects that could have a massive positive impact on the world.
The partnership felt seamless and effortless from the start. We valued each other's expertise, processes and ideas. From Goodness's point of view, Ash (and Edge) have been the perfect partner; inviting us to work on amazing projects, with much larger clients than we could attract on our own and best of all we were doing work with real impact and purpose.

We have grown the partnership and the teams over the past 2 years through winning business together, building the portfolio of shared work and quite organically creating an unofficial, integrated sustainability creative offer that fuses creativity within Edge’s existing science, strategy and storytelling process.

Both teams have developed strong relationships and trust through working together and the values that we all share. The kind of relationships that make joining forces seem like a natural thing to do.

So that leads us to today; and the announcement that Edge is acquiring Goodness.

We are now officially launching the integrated sustainability creative offer to the world.

The whole Goodness team is joining Edge. Our aim is to help businesses embed sustainability at a deeper brand level, then activate it more holistically across their entire customer experience.

We want to change the way organisations engage with their audiences on sustainability and we want to help them show up for the decade of action.
We want to help create a future where unsustainable is unthinkable.

Our new chapter see’s us no longer called ‘Goodness’ but gives us an opportunity to actually be more goodness; with a workload that's 100% goodness and more opportunity to really use the power of our creativity for positive impact.

The whole team and I would like to thank the people who have helped make Goodness what it is, and what it has been these past 3 years.

This isn’t the end of Goodness completely, but the beginning of something new and very, very exciting.



Jordan Stokes

Creative Director and Co-founder of Goodness. A creative agency working from Sydney, London and everywhere else. Creating a positive impact.